The Summer Market is a wonderfully grown market with great participants.

We would like to be a platform where the re-enactor can educate himself, get new impressions and of course get goods from all over the then known world.
Again and again we have craftsmen and stalls with us, which you won’t find anywhere else in our country and we would like to have more of them.

The prerequisite for participation is a presentation that is as authentic as possible or, if it is a stall, a presentation and goods of early medieval culture.
As this is an event in a museum, we would of course like to give visitors as authentic an image as possible.
Our requirements and what we expect from our participants is all laid out in an easy-to-understand Kit Guide.

Since Haithabu was a trading port, we welcome representation from all over the then known world in the time period from the 08th to the beginning of the 11th century.

What can we offer participants?

Well, first of all, an event in an authentic location in history.
The market will take place in the Viking time ring wall at the reconstructed Viking Age houses and the meadow next to it.
Of course, you are welcome to live in the houses. There are clay ovens, cooking facilities and a smoking oven in the houses and in the open-air area – these can be used by the participants.

There is a hand-built Viking boat that can be taken out onto the Noor under supervision.
Twice during the market there is freshly caught fish, which is delivered to the harbour by boat.

After market hours, lectures are offered by our participants for our participants.
About the respective handicraft, about historically important, archaeologically valuable and of course about experiences made in the re-enactment.
This and the workshops we offer for visitors are unique.

Our market take place always from Thursday to Sunday, calendar week 28 every year.
It is possible to set up as early as Monday and spend a few days exploring the surrounding museums, the Dannewerk and Haithabu itself.
For the coming years we are planning step by step extensions and possibilities for our participants.

On the picture gallery you can get a first impression of our market and whet your appetite for more 😉

Our requirements and what we expect from our participants is defined in an easy to understand Kit Guide. You can find this Kit Guide on the following page. The Kit Guide is only a reference for the Haithabu Sommermarkt! If you would like to stay in Haithabu during the rest of the year, please contact the museum. There you will get the necessary information for your stay.

Those who would like to register: Important – for the first participation at the summer market we need meaningful pictures of you in clothes, the camp or the stand etc., which you add with the registration. Without pictures we will not accept the application.
Please read the Kit Guide carefully, it is a prerequisite for participation. To the registration

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