Summermarket Haithabu

From Thursday, 13th of July, until Sunday, 16th of July 2023, viking craftsmen and merchants are coming back to the former trade metropolis at the Schlei fjord. Viking age crafts and trading goods are crucial elements of our market days.

Our reenactors, craftmen and goods come from all over Europe, from high Scandinavia to the deep Baltic region. Authentic crafts in authentic atmosphere, this is the goal of the summermarket in Germany‘s only viking museum.

Meet the early medieval people – here in Hedeby, where they lived, worked and traded their goods 1000 years ago. Let them take you back into times, where crafts and trading had its high times, and where skills were needed, that today hardly anybody knows.
From precious jewellery to fine fur, all those things from many countries and cultures are going to be traded or produced on the market.
Many finds from the viking age are definitely not from this region. They were traded to our coasts, and this is the way we do it nowadays as well.

Find out how a nail is made, a bed is built, which weapon and armor the vikings carried. There is so much to discover on the market.

The smell of the blacksmith‘s fire wafts through the area, people are weaving, dyeing, sewing, making iron, building chains, doing woodturning, carving; Shoes are sewn and stone is worked, Bows are built and nets are formed – here craft is given a new life! Authentic goods are made with authentic tools and materials.

Workshops for vistors

We offer workshops for our adult visitors every year. Here you can learn for example how to knot a net, make a rope, weave chains, posament, naalbinding (what we use before we knew knitting) and more.

Why for adult visitors? Well, some things are not so easy or you also use sharp knives as tools. We would prefer to leave that only in the hands of adults.

The workshops usually last about 1-1.5 hours, cost up to 15 euros, including materials and take place daily at 2 pm. The workshops are held in German or English, depending on the language of the instructor.

You can find out more about the workshops and which ones are offered here from June 2023 on.

There will be a lot for children to discover, they can ask a lot of questions and of course we will try to find something for them to do. We know from experience that children are never bored with us.

We hope to see you in Haithabu and have a great market together!

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